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  • The Bearded Dogg Lounge

    $25 Dinner Menu:

    Land & Sea

    -Marinated Buffalo Steak-


    -Garlic Shrimp-

    -Truffle & Herbed Potatoes-

    -Seasonal Vegetable-

    $15 Lunch Menu:

    House Made Pastas 

    -Choose from any of our House Made Pastas: Gnocchi, Chicken Piccata, Shrimp Scampi, Lamb Merguez, or Tagliatelle & Meatballs-


    Jet's Pizza


    $25 Dinner Menu:

    -2 large pizzas with 5 toppings each-


    $15 Lunch Menu:

    -1 large pizza with 3 toppings and 1 Jet Bread-



    $15 Lunch Special

    Two signature pizzas for $15

    $25 Dinner Special

    Two signature pizzas, two signature pastas, or a combination of them with side salads and dessert to share $25


    Alpine Tavern & Eatery

    $15 Lunch Special:

    Two express lunches for $15

    $25 Dinner Special:

    Two signature burgers, two side salads or sides of coleslaw and a dessert to share $25


    Pine Squirrel

    $15 Lunch Special:


    -Two Classic Cheeseburgers w/ Fries-


    -Two Side Salads w/ cup of soup-


    -Mix and Match-

    $25 Dinner Special:


    -Walleye Dish for two served with fresh veggies and potato-


    Family Pizza Lovers

    1-1 topping pizza

    1-3 topping pizza

    Non-alcoholic beverages

    Max 6



    LaSenorita Mexican Restaurants

    $25 Dinner Menu:

    2 La Senorita Combination Plates

    Large wet burrito, enchilada, taco, refried beans and spanish rice

    1 appetizer of pork-n-rinds

    $15 Lunch Menu:

    2 small wet chicken or beef burritos with 2 cups of fideo, tortilla soup or chili

  • Michaywe Inn the Woods

    $25 Dinner Menu:

    “Whole Hog”

    -Pick 3 smoked meats and 3 sides-

    Meats to choose from include Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, or Half Chicken.


    The Iron Pig Smokehouse


    $25 Dinner Menu:

    -Any 2 burgers-


    -Two-Meat Sampler for 1-

    $15 Lunch Menu:

    -Any 2 tacos-


    -Any Sandwich & Half Salad -


    Snowbelt Brewing Company


    $25 Dinner Menu:

    Snowbelt Smorgasbord

    -Any 1 appetizer/shareable with any two entrees-

    $15 Lunch Menu:

    Happy Duo

    -Any 1 shareable with a choice of any one sandwich, pizza or salad-


    **Snowbelt is also offering $1 off pint prices during Restaurant Week


    Flight of soda with a kids entree for $6**



    Belle Iron Grille

    ​$15 Lunch Menu

    Whitefish Sandwich

    A full whitefish filet beer battered. Flash fried and set on a butter grilled house made BIG bread loaf with lettuce and tomato. Served with kettle chips and slaw.

    Smoked Strip Steak Taco

    Seasoned and smoked NY strip loin steak with thin sliced red onion, feta cheese, cilantro and beer bacon chipotle ranch on 2 corn tortillas. Served with mexi-fries

    Mac and Ribs

    Belle Iron Grille's creamy award winning mac and cheese with 4 bones of our BBQ ribs. Served with slaw.


    $25 Dinner Menu:

    Smokies BIG Chop

    Seasoned and seared tomahawk pork chop with a smoked pork hunters gravy served with rice pilaf, veggies and mapled apple sauce.

    Gaylord Surf and Turf

    Cast iron seared 12 oz NY strip steak with mess o' fried smelt served with rice pilaf and vegetable of the day.

    Mt. Meat Loaf

    Sgt. Remo's Meatloaf piled on top of a mountain of smashed potatoes with mushroom gravy and veggies



    Bennethum's Northern Inn

    $25 Dinner Menu:

    First Course (Choose One)
    -Tomato Basil Bisque-

    -Mandarin Salad-

    Main Course (Choose One)
    Served With Famous BNI Bread

    -BNI Almond Chicken-

    -Garlic Shrimp Pasta-

    -Steak Gorgonzola-

    Dessert Course (Choose One)
    -Salted Caramel Cheesecake-

    -Classic Hot Fudge Cream Puff


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  • Fall Restaurant Week- Tuesday, November 5th – Tuesday, November 12th, 2019


    What is it?:
    A week-long event featuring local cuisine at a great price!
    This event allows Chamber Member Restaurants to showcase their restaurant as well as their menu.


    Here’s how it works:
    Chamber Member Restaurants will provide dinner for $25 and lunch for $15 with some establishments offering two for one pricing and drink specials.