• In a rapidly changing world, organizations need to work efficiently and make informed decisions.  Line 45 helps companies use technology to collect, organize and understand data about the business, market, and resource trends that drive their business.

    Founded in Gaylord, we have spent the last 7 years developing software and mapping tools for companies, nonprofits and government agencies that operate from coast to coast and overseas.  We specialize in helping companies address complex problems in multiple sectors including energy, oil and gas, forestry, regulatory management, conservation and real estate.

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  • Our services include:

    • Custom software development
    • Data mining & acquisition
    • Geographic information systems (GIS) & mapping
    • Data analysis & visualization


    If you’re looking to work more efficiently, make smarter decisions or just learn more about us, check out our website line-45.com or contact us at contact@line-45.com


    Why the Gaylord Area Chamber matters to us:
    "While we work day to day across multiple time zones, at the end of the day we believe in living locally.  The Chamber helps us connect with and exchange ideas with local business people.  The support, ideas and suggestions of other Chamber members have helped us grow and pursue new opportunities.  Even in a global economy, it’s still nice to be able to get a beer and talk with your neighbor".

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  • Line 45 LLC

    We help small businesses and non-profits use technology to understand what’s important and what’s just noise.

    Line 45, LLC

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