• LOC Project 2023

    Otsego County Fairground Equestrian Center


  • One of the facets of the Leadership Otsego County program includes a group community service project. One of the overall objectives of Leadership Otsego County is to make students aware of the countless opportunities to get involved and make a difference in Otsego County. The class of 2023 was split into two groups.


    Below are details for the Otsego County Fairground Equestrian Center project.

    If you have questions or you would like to support this iniative, the group is made up of the following LOC Alumni: 



    Our mission is to enhance the equestrian experience and promote community engagement by raising funds to purchase and install new bleachers and bleacher coverings at the Otsego County Fairground Equestrian Center. Our goal is to create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable viewing environment for spectators, families, and enthusiasts who gather to witness thrilling equestrian events.

    Through collaborative efforts and the generosity of our donors, we strive to provide a safe, and brand new seating facility that fosters a sense of pride and unity within the equestrian community. By upgrading the bleachers, we aim to accommodate a larger audience, encouraging more people to support and celebrate the talents of riders and their equine partners.
    With your support, we aspire to create lasting memories and experiences for generations to come, strengthening the bond between equestrian enthusiasts and the Otsego County Fairground Equestrian Center. Together, let's pave the way for progress, camaraderie, and the continued growth of equestrian sports in our beloved community.



  • Interested in Donating?

    Monetary donations may be dropped off at the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce.

    Please make checks payable to the Gaylord Area Chamber of Commerce.