• Clinical Counselor

    Bear River Health
    Job Description

    Are you ready to save lives and foster growth each and every day? Bear River Health (BRH) is a Private for Profit, Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) that serves people with primary substance use disorders and mental health issues in a medically supervised detoxification unit, residential and outpatient treatment setting. Bear River Health has 3 treatment facilities located in Boyne Falls, Walloon Lake and Gaylord, Michigan.

    Licensed: LMSW or LPC is required for licensure. An exception will be made for a limited licensed person that maintain a supervision plan and is working toward licensure. All supervision and training requirements together with reporting records must be maintained with HR.

    Credentialed: MCBAP as a CAADC or CADC. If a person is on a DP or development plan then they are credentialed as long as they maintain their supervision and reporting requirements must be maintained with HR.

    The clinical counselor has to focus on seven items they are responsible for related to the care of a group of individuals (not to exceed 16). The day must always start with examining the clinical workflow to help on understanding your time management. In short here are the requirements:

    1. Introduction to the client. Meet the client on their first day of treatment. This is an important part of orientation. Ensure that the client knows that you are the senior member on the treatment team and they are to come to you if they have any needs or concerns.

    2. Assessment. This must be completed by the end of their second day of treatment. This must be on the proper tool and entered into the chart with clinical impressions and a problem list that identifies all issues from the assessment. Pay attention to clients who meet the requirements of WSS or co-occurring.

    3. Treatment Plan. This must be completed by Day Three and should identify what will be addressed, referred or deferred. The treatment plan should be individualized and a product of the client participation in preparing especially in prioritizing the client’s goals. The ASAM criteria must be used to justify the level of care and length of stay. Requests to change the LOC or LOS as well as extensions are to be processed with the client request, the clinical counselor support and review and approval of the clinical administrator who will process the request with the payer and provide advocacy in writing if needed.

    4. Behavior Issues. Many small issues should be resolved directly with intervention and tools. In the event a larger issue occurs then it is time to bring it to the Senior Therapist that will receive your input and then handle the follow-up so that you can manage your other client requirements. Documentation of interventions are required as a progress note.

    5. Discharge Plan. The PCM has primary responsibility for the discharge plan but this is something that must meet with the treatment team unanimous understanding and approval. This process starts on day one and is reviewed with evolution over time as the client awareness increases. A crisis discharge plan is to be reviewed in the event a client is AD or leaves ACA.

    6. Individual Sessions. This is the one-on-one time spent with clients after treatment basics are performed that do not include behavior interactions. This is when you review and address and update the treatment plan. Ensure that every client is seen every 14 days for a session.

    7. This is the daily group therapy. This is one interactive workshop that is scheduled in the afternoon for your treatment group in which you are required to probe deeply into the client’s reactions to the scheduled material and address in group the issues that arise.

    This job requires a professional who is able to communicate well in person and in writing.

    This person will need to understand computers proficiently although we will be trained to utilize the Electronic Health Record (KIPU) and to be able to enter data in real time.

    This person must be able to manage time and prioritize.

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